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In lieu of gifts, ask your friends and family to donate to the SPCA for your birthday, graduation, or other special occasion. As a small token of our incredible appreciation, you will receive the following: 

  • Your name listed on the official Celebrations Club page;
  • A color-changing cup and notepad with the SPCA's logo;
  • $5 gift certificate towards any Petique purchase (excluding food).

Just return your donation to the SPCA with this donation form so we can properly acknowledge your generosity!

Check out these quick and easy-to-use templates to help plan the perfect party!


Current Members

September 2016: Alaina Jachlewski
September 2016: Ellie Andol
September 2016: Juliana Kukoda
September 2016: Abigail Troell
October 2016: Tait Nowak
October 2016: Caitlyn Hennessey
October 2016: Ella Waffner
October 2016: Willow D.
October 2016: Evan Mundie
October 2016: Preston Murray
October 2016: Lucy Auld
November 2016: Olivia Rutowski
November 2016: Alexis-Rae Garra
November 2016: Beatrice Charnock
March 2017: Declan Goldhawk
March 2017: Alexis Winder
March 2017: Jameson Ehrenreich
April 2017: Maya Halliwell
April 2017: Madison Tobin
May 2017: Makenna Kantenwein
May 2017: Keira Tokarczyk
July 2017: Zoey Skorupa
August 2017: Ani Klein
August 2017: Fiona Klein